2013 Jun
Launch of eCampus – an ERP solution focusing on all aspects of an educational institution, be it a college, business school or university.
2013 FEB
The Beginning of Singnet Solutions, Singapore
2013 Nov
Rollout of Dimensions CRM focused at improved business relationship, retention and services to the client.
2014 Jan
Rollout of Dimensions ERP.
2014 Mar
Launch of Pets Club : Happy clubbing for pets – A social media app where proud owners can showcase their pets, post pictures, seek expert advice, provide feedback, and much more.
2014 Jul
Launch of Pure Kleen: Platform for selling and buying organic eco-friendly cleaning products online.
2014 Sep
Setting up of Singnet Solutions @ Infopark, India: We have grown beyond the set objectives and we were able enough to set up our support team in India.
2015 Jan
Unveiling of My Wardrobe: A one-stop super simplified online fashion platform for all fashion aspirants.
2015 May
iHotel: Release Online hotel booking portal.
2015 Aug
eClub: Online Restaurant.
2015 Dec
iSafety: Launch of our prestigious project. Online cloud software offers fool-proof, flexible, cost-effective, web based safety management software solution for all industries to efficiently track safety risks, manage, and comply with environmental, health, and safety regulations.
2016 Feb
CanWeSweep: An eco-friendly platform which allows users to exchange products.
2016 Apr
Golfer: ERP for golf club.
2016 MAR
sgSafetymart: Online Portal for buying safety products under one roof.
2015 Nov
Witnessed release of 100 projects, the greatest achievement in shortest period.


We believe in circles. The circle, a profound, transcendent symbol representing wholeness, completion, inclusion, the universe. Circle -The miraculous invention leading the world. We relate circles in bringing your business from nothing to everything by letting you get connected to get delivered. Singnet brings light to your business where solutions are provided with ease of technology and belief in deliverables.