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Singnet Solutions, an eminent technology specialist based in Singapore, offers custom ERP Solutions for various sectors that includes Manufacturing, Trading, Travel, Politics, Education, Retail, Hospitality, Tourism, Textile, and much more. The company has also proved its expertise in developing mobile applications, e-commerce sites and providing managed services such as manpower outsourcing, project management, service & maintenance. Our dedicated creative team-- ‘Singnet Designs,’ is renowned for being exceptional at developing user-friendly Web, UI & UX designs.

Ever since inception, we have always exceeded the expectation of our clients by producing some of the most brilliant and imaginative software that you will possibly come across. We have also aided our clients with innovative ideas to transform their concepts into a successful business.

Our company has a good understanding of challenges that each enterprise goes through at different junctures. We try to stay ahead by keeping the necessary solutions for our newer clients so that they reap the benefits in no time. It doesn't matter how big the hurdles are, we have the solutions for all small, medium or large businesses.

Spontaneous, sophisticated, and elegant user experience allows Singnet applications to work with the least amount of complexity. Singnet Solutions offers a more pristine and attractive interface, tailored for each user.

Strategy, Planning, Responsibility & Ethics are four main elements of our grey matter


Our approach to businesses revolves around complete transparency, from planning to delivery with the highest standards of ethical behaviour, and accountability.


Our planning processes are endowed with flexibility that enables us to address the changing client requirements while also allowing us to tackle market fluctuations with relative ease.


Responsible business is embedded in our Organisational strategy, ensuring uncompromising integrity as we build trusted relationships around the world.


We believe that integrity of an organisation begins with each employee’s commitment to our core values and the responsibility to act in concert with those values.


We are committed to deliver smarter, on-time solutions tailored to the distinct needs of our clients, with complete transparency and total accountability.


Stay connected; be delivered. In a world that is constantly evolving, our vision is to empower businesses by helping them stay connected with their stakeholders and to make sure that our promises to them are delivered.


Our business strategy revolves around customer-centricity and customer satisfaction.

Reckon client needs by vigilantly analysing their business requirements and provide adept software solutions.

Valuing the Customer’s requirement more than the returns, thus we have been able to serve more clients in less duration.

In most scenarios, our deliverables go beyond what is expected of us by our clients. The trust bestowed upon us by the clients inculcates a customer-centric culture within the organisation.


The Beginning of Singnet Solutions, Singapore

Launch of eCampus – an ERP solution focussing on all aspects of an educational institution, be it a college, business school or university.

Rollout of Dimensions CRM focused at improved business relationship, retention and services to the client.

Rollout of Dimensions ERP.

Launch of The Politics.

Launch of Purekleen: Platform for selling and buying organic eco-friendly cleaning products online.

Setting up of Singnet Solutions @ Infopark, India: We have grown beyond the set objectives and we were able enough to set up our support team in India.

Unveiling of My Wardrobe: A one-stop super simplified online fashion platform for all fashion aspirants.

COVER Inn : Release Online hotel booking portal

Spoon DEN: Online Restaurant

FirstSafety ERP

CanWeSweep: An eco-friendly platform which allows users to exchange products

Workforce Management System ERP

iGolfer: ERP for golf club, Bunker Manager ERP

Rider Apps

Agricofarmer CSR

Our Faith

We believe in circles. A circle is a profound and transcendental symbol representing wholeness, inclusion, mobility and also the universe that we all inhabit. The process of bringing businesses from nothingness to fruition is circular in nature. Yes, work for us is a movement, not just a means to an end. Singnet, where technology disentangles business processes and timely deliveries are a staple, brings life to your business.